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Iga Wagyu

A legendary ingredient from the Ninja history


Perfect Environment To Raise Cattles

Iga region is located in north-west Mie prefecture in close distance to Kyoto and Osaka. The Iga area is surrounded by mountains, adjacent to Ise Bay, and has a fertile alluvial plain formed by the interlacing of numerous rivers. The excellent natural environment shapes the area into a natural high-quality pasture. Because of the basin, the temperature difference between day and night is significant. The average annual temperature in the region is 14 °C, which is low in Mie Prefecture. Cows raised under these natural characteristics have unique aroma.

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By definition, Iga Beef cattle can only be Japanese black-haired wagyu breed heifers, raised by members of the Iga Beef Cattle Production Promotion Council, with their final fattening taking place in the Iga region (the cities of Iga and Nabari) for more than twelve months. 

Each cattle raised in Japan has their own ten-digit identification number, by which all the information about the cattle from its birth to being sent to the market can be tracked. A registered bond with stamped muzzle pattern is issued to a Japanese Wagyu only if it has passed a postnatal investigation.

Traditionally, local butchers visit Iga Beef cattle farmers in person to buy the live cattle. By this direct and close communications, local consumer’s comments are given to the farmer directly as the best "customer feedback". Today, the supreme quality of the Iga beef is the result of continuous improvement and optimization through many generations. 


LHC has carefully selected a well-sized cattle farm in the region. The farm owner is the 3rd generation in business, experienced and skillful in farming and creating Wagyu cuisine.


Iga Wagyu is certified as purebred Japanese black-haired Wagyu, and it is raised only in Japan. There are only 1000+ Iga cows in total.  Each cattle is raised in clean and fertilized natural environment. Unlike most Japanese Wagyu farms using 8 kinds of feed, the LHC farm uses 18-22 kinds, providing sufficient and balanced nutrition intake to each cattle.


The LHC farm serves only female purebreds meat. This "dangerous" practice would not have been possible without the excellence of farming. The meat is exceptionally tender and flavorful, scoring high as a supreme ingredients for fine dining.



The best recipes are from the traditions. The chefs who know the spirit of the ingredients are the ones who have deep understanding of the origin. We have preferences on working with chefs who have passion to turn our Iga Wagyu into a true culinary art.

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