Honduras has ideal soil and climate for coffee plantation. The country produces a wide range of coffees, from low-cost general blends to high-value specialty with distinctive tastes. This Strictly High Grown (SHG) and European Process (EP) specialty coffee is grown above 1350m altitude  with lower temperature producing a slower maturing fruit and a higher-density bean, and all raw beans are hand-sorted to remove defects.


The medium-roasted coffee exhibits very clean and balanced vanilla and caramel mouth feel with distinctive sweetness that comes from the specific volcano highlands in western Honduras. The subtle fruitiness of green apple is a happy compliment to the main body tone.


This coffee can be brewed via espresso machines as SOE, pourover filter, siphon, French press or moka pot. 


Bean Origin: Copan, Honduras

Varietal: Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra

Altitude: 1350 - 1530m

Processing: Washed

Roasting: Medium

Tasting Notes: Vanilla, sweet chocolate, apple

Honduras SHG EP Washed


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