The highland of Toraja has a mountain range at 1,400m above sea level, located at the south of Sulawesi. The region is valuable for coffee plantation due to the volcanic soil that results in distinctive Jasmine floral notes, with smooth and balanced chocolaty, fruity and nutty flavors. The medium-roasted Toraja Sapan coffee can be consumed as specialty or Single Bean Espresso (SOE). Mild and balanced, this coffee is a perfect choice for those looking for traditional Indonesian tastes in a lighter version. 


This coffee can be brewed via espresso machine, pourover filter, siphon, French press or moka pot.


Bean Origin: Sulawesi, Indonesia

Varietal: Lini S

Altitude: 1200 - 1400m

Processing: Washed

Roasting: Medium

Tasting Notes: Jasmine, chocolate, vanilla, herbal 

Indonesia Toraja Sapan Washed


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