Nicaragua started its coffee plantation in the 18th century, most located in central and northern regions. Our contraced farm has a history of 100 years and multiple estates in different regions, specialized in micro-lot plantation. The coffee beans supplied by this farm have won COE awards multiple times, winning outstanding reputation in the coffee world. 


The medium-roasted coffee exhibits distinctive notes of tropical fruits, grapes, pineapple, raisin and wine, with chocolate, caramel and light tea finish. 

This premium coffee can be brewed via pourover filter, siphon, French press or moka pot. 


Bean Origin: El Limoncillo, Nicaragua

Varietal: Pacamara

Altitude: 1350m

Processing: Natural

Roasting: Medium

Tasting Notes: Tropical fruits, grapes, pineapple, raisin, chocolate, caramel, light tea hints

Nicaragua Pacamara Natural


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