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LHC COFFEE has become LHC’s business focus since 2017. As an epic boutique-style specialty coffee shop retailer, LHC COFFEE owns and operates retail shops in Hong Kong, Japan, and continues to develop presences in various locations.

Unlike many commercial coffee shops, we serve the best quality coffee in the best service standard of Japan. Our roasting, brewing and serving skills are all developed from Japan, proudly and strictly guided by the Japanese Craftsmanship.

LHC COFFEE has also developed sales channels in Taiwan and China Mainland.

The Best Coffee Shop In Your Neighborhood

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True Specialty

30+ Arabica varieties direct from farms. Only from top-quality micro-lots or private reserves of the current year. COE and BOP lots also available in seasons. The achievement of True Specialty is the result of excellence in many aspects.

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In-house Roasting

All beans are roasted in house with

our self-proprietary formula, which creates a signature taste that is very different from other shops. We spent one whole year only on developing and fine-tuning the roasting formula for each coffee variety before we started to serve the first customer.


Japanese Excellence

This is our brand DNA, originated from 10+ years of business operations and relationships in Japan. We pursue superiority in every detail.

Each Shop Has Its Own Spirit


Japan (operation starts in 2022)

Embracing Japanese Zen

This is LHC's flagship coffee shop & roastery in Japan. It is located within a 200-year-old Japanese wooden architecture, which was certified as World Heritage in 2007. Thereafter, under the design of a world-class architect, the building was rebuilt. The coffee shop is designed in a traditional Japanese Zen style incorporating elements of modern urban lifestyle.  More information will be disclosed when the shop is officially opened.


Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Japanese Coffee House Style

This shop was opened 2021, located in East Tsim Sha Tsui (TST), Kowloon, Hong Kong. Back in the 80's, this area was already populated with Japanese companies of various industries like trading, finance and electronics. Throughout the years of 80's and early millennium, night clubs and neon lights colorized the whole area and welcomed thousands of Japanese business men. Today, this area is still filled with the memories of those golden years of Japan-Hong Kong interconnections. 


The shop occupies a small footprint and offers takeaway only. Despite the small size, the shop is delicately designed in traditional Japanese coffee house style: Zen woody, prestigious and subtle. 


The shop also features coffee beans by renowned Japanese roasters, who are in close partnership with LHC.


The shop arouses the home feeling of Japanese office people in the neighborhood, as well as the memories of Hong Kong young generations who also work in the nearby offices and travel frequently to Japan - their "second hometown".


Wanchai, Hong Kong

European Town Style

This shop was opened 2019, located in the heart of Wanchai, a populated area that is prosperous of Western and Oriental cultures, dining and bars, entertainment, and shopping. The shop offers a complete enjoyment of Five Senses.


The shop is designed as a warm coffee house like one of those in a European town, with stone walls, street lights, wooden windows, white curtain and decorative Mediterranean basket flowers.


The Espresso coffees are in typical European taste profiles, praised by all Western drinkers that the cup reminds them of their memory of a good coffee a hometown. Single Origin and house blend specialty coffees are offered as Pourover and Siphon, empowered by Japanese brewing techniques. Locals and Asian drinkers are addicted to our Specialty coffee, enjoying original and different flavors that are not similar to any others in the city.


Our curated vintage and classic-style cups and brewing equipment give a "wow" visual impact to all customers.

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Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Fast-paced Grab & Go

This shop was opened 2019, located in the densely populated industrial area. The shop provides takeaway paper cups only, fitting the  customer expectation of Grab-and-Go. Despite this nature, we do not compromise on quality. Espresso, Pourover and Siphon brewing methods are used, and all coffee beans are Specialty grade, exactly the same as our other shops.


The shop is designed to fit the "hardcore" nature of the industrial area - and its people. The shop is small and packed with equipments, but customers still like it because it gives them a neighborhood coffee kiosk feeling. Many of the customers did not expect to have this high-quality coffee in an industrial area. In their memories, our coffee has unparalleled quality even being compared to other premium ones in high-end business districts. 

Employment turnover in this are is high. Even after leaving the area for other jobs, many old customers make their way back to visit us and enjoy the best cup in their memory.

This tiny shop has done an excellent work in serving the fastest-paced customers with the best-quality coffee.

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Our Customers Said

Business Conference

Matt I.

One of the better coffees I’ve had in HK in the past 5 years.. well done!


A real coffee lovers shop and for me the place place in wan chai for a coffee. Especially their hand drip ...

Brad Jill

LHC coffee is a local outfit with a small shop on Ship Street in Wanchai where they serve up very good, serious coffee. ... Overall, we enjoyed both coffee drinks, both of which were noticeably better than what we find at the majority of coffee shops around the city. 

Billy Law

The cappuccino was good and it has a quite a bit of character.  The layer of cream is not as fluffy as the others I had from other cafes, but it has a bit of soft texture in it and it stays in your mouth .

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