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Farm-To-Table Specialty Coffee & Tea


Life Health Concept (LHC) is a Hong Kong based brand specialized in premium Specialty Coffee & Tea. Vertically integrated, LHC is the real Farm-To-Table player, bringing the true tastes to high-quality fine drinking.

LHC endorse the philosophy of Life, Health and Style. This philosophy sets guidelines for every aspect of our corporate and product development. LHC persists in Japanese Craftsmanship. This persistence keeps us on track of the eternal pursuit of superiority and perfection. 


We integrate into our culture the most adorable spirits of different countries, such as flexibility from Hong Kong, quality and service from Japan.

Our customers and partners treasure us in the same way as they treasure their daily cup of coffee - reliable, enjoyable, profound and forever-in-life.

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We Are Global


Headquartered in Hong Kong, we are professionals of running global business. We have sales teams in Japan, Taiwan and Mainland China. Our contracted supply farms are widespread across the world.

LHC is an expert of Digital Marketing and Cross-border Ecommerce. Products are shipped direct from worldwide prestige farms, curated centrally in-house, and delivered fresh to worldwide customers.


We bring local products to global, and bring the world to local suppliers. 

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Vertically Integrated


Life Health Concept integrates all anchors of the value chain, from the product source to customers. We NEVER buy commodities. We have exclusive and sustainable relationships with farmers and heritage families who own farms and master the plantation techniques. We secure private supply of the best products and controls quality in every anchor. 

We help farmers. Farmers help us. We do not label "fair trade" on the package. We label it in our heart.

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Our Core Value Is People

People are our biggest asset: customers, staffs, business partners. Those whom we work with are authentic, profound, honest, accountable, sustainable and understand true life values.

We care and contribute to those in need. Because we work directly with farmers, deep into the villages and mountains, we have witnessed many families and individuals living in terrible situations, in desperate need of external support. We never forget our social responsibilities.

We are creative, smart, efficient and accountable.

We promote honesty, responsibility and sustainability in all we do.

We create people. People create us. We grow together with our people.

We move beyond ourselves.

CEO of Life Health Concept

CEO of Life Health Concept

LHC Corporate Members

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